Fire Protection District

Pumper #4

1972 Ward LaFrance Ford Pumper with a 1000 gallon per minute pump. 

Ambulance 2 Charlie 14

Purchased in 1993 by Wheeland Coach for $38,500

Model A

1931 Ford-Pirsch was purchased in 1931 and was the District's first piece of apparatus. It had a 300 gallon pump and carried 100 gallons of water. The District still owns it today!

Engine 1406

​1985 Mack was purchased at a cost of $130,000. It was donated to the Elgin Community College Center for Public Safety in Burlington where it is apart of their Fire Academy.

Apparatus #3


Car 1450

1991 Chevrolet Caprice was the first Command Car for the District. It was purchased from the Village of Hampshire for $1 and was retired from service in 2002.

Rescue 1411

​1991 Freightliner Rescue Truck was purchased in 1995 for $94,000 from Midwest Emergency Vehicles.

Ambulance 1451

Ford Medtec

Pumper #8

1969 Ward LaFrance Pumper with a 750 gallon per minute pump with 1000 gallons of water. It was purchased for a cost of $26,000.

Ambulance 1453

Ford Medtec

Cart 1451

The golf cart was used at high school football games and other large gatherings.

Ambulance / Squad

​1977 Chevrolet Modular Ambulance was purchased in 1978 and would eventually be converted to a Squad that would carry extrication equipment.

Ambulance 52

1972 International Ambulance

Ladder 1421

Aerial ladder truck was retired in 2002.

Tender 1429

1429 was a 1992 Ford with a tank that was converted by US Tank. It served the District until its retirement in 2018

Tanker #5

​1976 International with a Stuart tank of 2500 gallons of water.

Truck #10

1948 Seagrave 65' aerial ladder was purchased in 1966 from St. Charles, Illinois. It is currently in the posession of former member Les Petersen.

Pumper #3

1953 Ford-Howe Pumper with a 500 gallon per minute pump that carried 800 gallons of water.

Brush Truck #7

​1967 Ford-Darley carrying 275 gallons of water with a 60 gallon per minute pump. This truck responded to the Chicago flood in 1992 with Wayne Siegmann, Greg Harders, and Trevor Herrmann.