Residential Knox Box Program

Fire Protection District

Another program that we offer is the Residential Knox Box Program. A Knox Box is a metal box that holds keys to your business or home and is placed on the outside of the building. The box is secured by a separate key that only the Fire Department has access to. Many of our businesses in town have them and allow us to gain access to the building after hours in the event of a fire alarm or emergency.

The same can be applied to residential homes. If someone lives alone and falls down, they may not be able to get up to open the door and let us in. If they have one of these boxes, we are able to open the box with our key, and then use their house key inside the box to open their door and render emergency care. These are also free of charge to our residents and can be requested by calling the fire station (847) 683-2629 or by filling out the form to the left.