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Fire Prevention for the Holiday Season

Keeping the Wreath Red

The holiday season is quickly approaching and all the treats and traditions that come along with it.  It is the time we give thanks for another year with family, friends.  The Hampshire Fire Protection District would like to share with you one of our holiday traditions, which is “KEEPING THE WREATH RED”.

This tradition started right here in Northern Illinois during 1954 by Fire Chief Boecker (Lisle-Woodridge FPD) at Napperville Fire Department while he was a 23 year old part-time Lieutenant. He brought this tradition to Lisle-Woodridge FPD in 1971, when he became the district's first paid Fire Chief. Years later in 1980, this tradition was adopted by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association. Many departments throughout the state participate in this tradition to bring awareness to the people of their community on the dangers concerning holiday decorations.

We start with a wreath that is hung on the front of the fire station and lit up with all red bulbs. When there is a fire that has happened due to holiday decorations a red bulb is switched with a white bulb. The goal is to KEEP THE WREATH RED this holiday season.

Here are some things to keep in mind when decorating for the holiday festivities.

- Use ONLY UL approved strings of lights
- Do NOT use frayed strings or strings with broken lights
- Do NOT connect more strings of lights than the manufacturer recommends

- Keep candles out of the reach of children
- Extinguish candles before leaving the home or going to bed
- Make sure candles are located in a secure place
- Ensure the containment of wax drippings

Extension Cords
- Do NOT run cords under rugs or carpeting
- Do NOT run cords near heat sources
- Do NOT use cords with frayed ends

- Keep flammables away from open flames
- Do NOT wear loose clothing while lighting fires
- Use fireplace screens or glass doors to protect you and your belongings

Types of Trees (Real or Artificial)
- Make sure the tree base is properly secured to prevent tipping
- Keep trees away from any heat source
- Real trees - Ensure that the tree is freshly cut and properly watered throughout the holiday season

Below is a video from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) showing two christmas tree fires. The fire on the left is a tree that was improperly cared for and dry. The fire on the right is a tree that was properly watered and fresh. Notice the difference in the growth of the fire.
Click on the Christmas Tree Safety document for a printable version from the NFPA ---------------------------------------------->  

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