Fire Protection District


Wayne Siegmann, Walter Carlson, Jack W. Herrmann, George Smith, and Ralph Bauman at the water fights.

Charter members Sev DuMoulin, Chief Walter Carlson, and John W. Herrmann on the 1931 Model A.

Our history....


Tim Thompson, Al Widmayer, Rich Jelinek, Chief Wayne Siegmann, Pete Wilcox, Les Gustafson, Trevor Herrmann, Gordy Bazsali, Steve Gustafson, Gerald Conro, Cy Herrmann, Greg Harders, Curt Kraus, Fred Pease, Dave Stadie, and Marty Blazier.


Les Gustafson, Martin Rhodes (Howe Manufacturing Rep), F.C. Petersen, Milt Stading, H.N. Petersen, Ed Greve, Maynard Petersen, and Marilyn Petersen pose for a photo in from of Engine No. 3


Walter Carlson, Paul Blazier, Greg Harders, Richard Stading, Donald Oranger, Ralph Bauman, Virgil Vogel, David Conro, Jack Herrmann, Hank Lang, Ronald Nussbaum, Leslie Gustafson, Donald Dutcher, Peter Wilcox, Art Blazier, Wayne Siegmann, Leslie Petersen, Gerald Conro, William Doty, Marty Blazier, Cy Herrmann, Marlyn Petersen, Al Gehringer, and Sev DuMoulin.


Some of the founding members pose for a picture in front of the fire station.