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 Fire Safety for Businesses

Annually 200 deaths, 5,000 injuries and 2.3 billion dollars in property damage occur in businesses in the United States. The Hampshire Fire Department offers the following information to keep you and your employees safe and your business prosperous.

Building Evacuation

If a fire or smoke is detected or the buildings fire alarm system is activated the building should immediately be evacuated. Although previous false alarms may have occurred each alarm should be taken seriously as smoke and fire may make exiting the building more difficult if egress is delayed. Be sure all employees are familiar with all exits and evacuation procedures. After exiting the building meet at a predetermined safe place and make sure all employees are accounted for. If all employees are not accounted for, be sure to report this to the fire department when they arrive. Plan and practice fire evacuation procedures.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are designed to extinguish small fires and should never be used if you are unsure and not properly trained on their use. The most common type of fire extinguisher in the business is the multipurpose ABC extinguisher. This type of extinguisher is used on wood, paper, and rubber, flammable liquid and electrical fires. Before fighting a fire with a fire extinguisher, be familiar with the guidelines below:

  1. Be sure the building is being evacuated
  2. Contact the fire department ( call 911 or activate a pull station if you have an alarm system)
  3. Is the fire small and contained to one area and not spreading?
  4. Keep an exit at your back
  5. Do you know how to operate the extinguisher?
  6. Is the room clear of smoke?

When using the extinguisher, remember the word PASS.

            Pull the pin

            Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire (contents burning)

            Squeeze the handle

            Sweep the nozzle back and forth If the fire does not respond within seconds, exit the building immediately!

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